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The aftermath (No Comments)

The conference went really well. We supplied 168 bottles (beerio, rye beer, porter, munich lager, and IPA). The beer was served on Monday night (the second day of the conference) during a poster session. After the session there were evening talks. Once these were done, I went back to the poster area to put away the beers that were leftover– despite that 60+ bottles were leftover before the talks began only 1 bottle was left on the counter and only another 10 or so were in the fridge. I found out later in the week that some folks grabbed 6packs and took them back to their suites for later use during the week. Now, while I don’t approve of hoarding– the fact that our beer was worth hoarding was a HUGE compliment. In addition the folks hoarding the beers were not graduate students, but rather, professors. We got some amazing compliments on the beer, in fact, folks were debatable more interested in our beer than in my science.

(I am going to take a minute of shameless self promotion– If you are looking at this web address because you got it off of a bottle at the conference and if you really liked the beer and if you happen to be looking for post-docs– I assure you that I do some amazingly cool work (cv available upon request) and that if you hire me, in addition to some fantastic work, I will slip you the occasional 6-pack in return for your kindness.)

Ah….now that is done.

More later folks! Time for me to get back to work.

— Cindy