The History of Harleybrew (No Comments)

So, I thought I should start with a post discussing the history of our little brewery. The first part seems to be pretty common among most homebrewers– we had a friend who made fantastic homebrew, chatted with him about it, and eventually decided to start making our own. I have to admit when Chris first started talking about wanting to brew I was a bit apprehensive. This is mainly because growing up near Milwaukee I was familiar with what we called ‘stinky street’ a street which runs next to miller brewing co. and smells like yeast– but in an overpowering, not tasty, sour funk kind of way (I have never since smelled a brewery with this funk, but then again it was the miller brewery). I was afraid the kitchen/house would smell like ‘stinky street’. At that time just about the only beer I would drink was scotch ale. Eventually I gave in, we started brewing beer and I started drinking enjoying beer.

We have been brewing just over two years and have made around a batch a month for that period of time. We are constantly thinking about the style of the next batch (which can involve tasty research), what we could change about a beer recipe to improve, and what new equipment we could buy.

— Cindy

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